Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We're Pretty Much Sitting On Ammo

Not too much happenin today. I'm going to do something new today. Post a few full mixtapes. After the massive love that Game got yesterday I am going to throw up this new mix tape. Its really good. I haven't been able to stop listening to it today. I really like when Nu Jerzey Devil and The Game team up.

Nu Jerzey Devil and The Game - Cold Day in Compton.
01 - Intro
02 - 120 Barz (Stop Snitchin)
03 - Dreams Remix
04 - Kiss Ur Ass Goodbye (Dj Skee Blend Remix)
05 - 1970 Something (Feat Notorious BIG)
06 - Still Dre Freestyle 07 - Interlude
08 - D-Block Millitary Freestyle
09 - Mr Bad Mouth (Cyssero From BWS)
10 - Here We Go (Feat Dr Dre)
11 - Niggaz Bleed (Feat Tech-Neek)
12 - Back 2 Back (Cyssero From BWS)
13 - West Coast (Feat BWS)
14 - Crazy
15 - Rain (Feat BWS)
16 - Cassidy Diss (Cyssero From BWS)
17 - This Is That (Feat Dipset)
18 - Outro

I was able to find some clips of the now famous Bird Gang press conference from last week. They are great.

Clip 1.

Clip 2.

Cassidy news:
Swizz Beatz says his friend Cassidy should be out of prison in less than two months and have a new album out by the summer. "ASAP," Swizz said earlier this week about when Cass wants to start recording again. "He said he wants 200 beats. When he's in the shower, he wants to hear a beat. When he's playing with his son, he wants to hear a beat. He wrote so much stuff when he was in [jail]. He has a lot of explaining to do to his fans. He has a lot of stuff to get off his chest."

Thats good. 200 beats.

And for those that have not grabbed it.

Killa Season Bootleg. Its not real. So don't get tthat excited, millions of these floated around for Purple Haze. This is a collection of material he has released post Purple Haze. Its really good though. So check up on it.

I'm going to Lil Wayne tomorrow. So this just makes sense, its a stretch. New Juvenile.

Juvenile - We Rock Like That