Monday, February 27, 2006

Girls Pause When They See Me

Each week I get a little bit more a taste of "spring fever." This is all I need. It seems official. Or more official than that Ghostface "Leak." I felt kinda bad not making a bigger deal out of the 100th post today. So here goes with some late night SLTGM update.

The streets need this Dre ep. On this we finally get a taste of what Dre has been doing with Rakim, and its real nice.
Years ago I saw this clip of dre in the studio playin tracks and he was with Rakim. They were listening to a beat that 50 used on "Get Rich." I am really feelin what Dre is doing on this track called "after u die" with Rakim.

I want to review these tracks for you, but you should for sure download them. Nate Dogg sings a nice hook on the first track, but its the Rakim track that I want to listen to again.

Dr. Dre- Detox Ep

I know its a bit early, but will 2006 see the release of a new G n' R record and Dre? Do you remember when Detox was going to be a "gangsta musical" with Denzel Washington?

Writters block should be out any day now, and "Gangsta Grillz" (Vol 6?) Is going to happen soon.

I will find out more.