Monday, February 20, 2006

What Do You Want to Know About Steeze?

Juelz. V'79 called me a bastard. I kinda am. I mean I got to see Uncle Ju Ju. During "Santana's Town" Boss said the best thing ever "I can't believe I am in a room full of people yelling dipset" As he said this I had an eagle up in the air. He did everything, everything you would have wanted him to do. It was crack, I mean he is crack. Human crack.

Next. TI. The King. I am starting to get kinda crazy about him. I know he is going to blow. I am going to say that this song is the first summer jam. I mean we are still in Feb and its like -20 here in Minneapolis, so what I am I doing talking about summer jams? I know this is one. Boss said it best "I could listen to it on repeat" It is "Stay Fly" good.

T.I. - What You Know

This shit is something you have to hear. Way better than Ghostface dissin D4L.

Dem Franchize Boyz - Fuck D4L - Part 1
Dem Franchize Boyz - Fuck D4L - Part 2

I don't know how I feel about Nas these days. I mean I don't have any respect for him, because he has no pride at all. I do think he has some hot shit out there ("Made you look", "Suicide Bounce" and "Making of a Perfect Bitch" (there are some more). I am for sure not counting the days till him and Jay drop a track together. I actually don't really care too much about this at all (outside of the Cam content). I read somewhere that someone said it was like your parents getting back together. I think this is perfect, but I will expand. I know if my parents got back together my first thought would be YES. But then I would realize that this really isn't the best thing and that they are too old and don't really have any reason to get back together, too much has been said.
And that being said. This mixtape is hot.

Dirty Harry Presents Nas Living Legends.

Check out Notes from a Different Kitchen for a nice 2005 wrap up. Glad someone else feels the same way about the Bloc Party.

Oh and if you wanna see a picture of me meeting the big ticket head over here.
Sorry I wasn't around on Friday. Your boy was out sick.
But i'm back.

I still don't know what to think about this. Good luck Sidney, thats all I can say. Stay away from all night Limo trips to see Metallica the night before you pitch.