Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Grime Report. Crazy T Dude... SHIT

This might be the post that everyone sleeps on. But you shouldn't. I don't usually throw up any Grime shit. I should do this more. Grime is nuts, so many crazy things happen.

Remember when Dizzie got stabbed for slappin' a girls ass.

Thats nothing. V'79 pointed out some really hot information that seems like it is true. If it isn't true don't hate. The two sources we are using might not be the most reliable, but whatevs cut some rope.

Let me introduce Crazy Titch to some of you who don't know. Now you will.

Crazy Titch is just that..crazy. See picture below of him throwing knives. Wikipedia says that he has spent five years in Aylesbury HMP for robbery, handling stolen goods, theft, burglary and criminal damage. Game respect game. I'm curious what exactly criminal damage is.

It is also on this Wikipedia page that a little bomb gets dropped:

Crazy Titch is currently on remand after being charged with the murder of East London music producer Richard Holmes. The trial is expected to commence in mid-2006.
WHAT! Does anyone else know about this? Know I know Crazy Titch going to prison might not be headline news on yahoo. But how in this hour of gorilla journalism could a story like this have been passed over?
The only other news that could be found comes from this message board.
If you don't want to click here is what the poster had to say:
"crazy titch has been jailed 4 attempted murder. he is being kept at pentonville prison in isligton (north london). u wont find this out on da internet or news 4 sum reason but i no coz i saw him wen i went 2 visit a bredrin. i think this iz coz he didnt do it. supposedly he nd 2 other people shot 1 bre in da arm, leg nd bak coz he wont giv up names of sum ppl who dissed crazy's crew.this is da wat i no, no lie. but im 100% sure y he iz inside but all i no iz dat i saw him wid my own eyez."
Maybe not the most reliable post, but I still believe it. I mean dude saw him wid his own eyes!
I also like people being typed as "ppl"
Anyway please let me know if this shit is true.
Meanwhile, here are some tracks from Crazy T.
Oh and how about that new Gunners song?