Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This is Dip Music

Guess what? Its starting to get nice outside. Its almost time to put my amp in my Jeep. It is going to be rough keeping up with all the heat that will be dropping. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very good summer for the game. Bump.

Dipset vol 6 was pushed back. Did anyone really think that it was actually going to come out on the 14th? Some people say that the reason for the delay is cause Cam is locked up in DC right now. I forgot about that. I haven't really heard anything from him in a while, that would explain it.

Meanwhile I have some tracks off the new big mike mixtape. Don't sleep. This is the largest dipset update in forever on here. We also get a really good look at round four of new dipset members Chubby.

Juelz Santana - You know, You know

JR Writer - The Movement is Moving (Ma$e diss)

Hell Rell feat JR and Chubby - Yayo

JR Writer - Come Work For Me

Chubby feat Hell Rell - Dip Music

Chubby feat JR - Babalu

I saw FD3 last night. A real gem. There was some Lost content in the movie (I should save the lost for the other blog). I didn't even realize but in the first Final Destination movie the flight that they were supposed to take was 108. The number 108 keeps showing up in the movie. What is the significance of 108? Anyone. Is it the number of death. Get over to the turntable lab blog for a great write up of FD3.

Also what is up with this movie the ATL?

Its nice to read about Bossman about to "blow" on allhiphop. I have been following this cat via Government Names for a while now. I have liked everything that I have heard, I just hope he gets support. I think San Fran is about to blow, and I think Baltimore is close.