Thursday, August 31, 2006

50 Cent vs P. Diddy

I don't make too many 50 posts, I swear. But everytime from this point forward he will only be shown in video game form. Since I think he has pretty much morphed into this anyway.
Is it possible that 50 actually relase a diss that people listen to anymore? I think yes, this one is nailed. Kay building it up is real nice too, kinda makes the song if you ask me. Why does 50 Cent hate Puff Daddy? It sounds like he isn't too happy with Murder Mase either. I gotta give 50 credit here, he released this at least over a month before "Rotten Apple" by Banks comes out.

50 Cent- The Bomb (Dissin' P'Diddy)

I don't know if this will create a huge problem here, but I was pretty pumped to have this emailed to me. New Bloc Party, nope its not the entire record. Its just a demo of their new album, I guess its called "Weekend at Sea." This song is about some character in some book who goes to school and comes home and does drugs...very interesting, it could be you.

Bloc Party - Song For Clay (Demo) (LINK REMOVED AT REQUEST OF LABEL)

Here is that Hell Rell I lost yesterday, as of now Z-Share is still down. I think files will continue to be uploaded this way until anyone points out any problems, or until something better comes along.

Hell Rell - Hell Rell Anthem

And some Ghetto Whisky Riddim for all the dancehall heads out there. I am feeling this track

Vybz Kartel and Movado - How u Gun Rise

Young Buck was on Shade 45 talking about how Wayne used to kiss Baby all the time. This stuff is all kinda funny. I mean for real. Its funny, no homo. Oh and this is the cover to their new album. For those that don't know Birdman raised Weezy after his step dad was killed or something.

And the first single.

Lil Wayne and Baby - Stuntin Like My Daddy
"Sittin on my Yamaha Chromed out 1100"

Cardinal rumor from MSN, talks for Smoltz. The only way at this point the front office over there can make me happy (we also can't give up too much).

More in a bit.