Tuesday, August 22, 2006

N.W.A. meets the Clash

I'm SMH over this one. Not Paris and The Game, but Good Charlotte and The Game.

Fans worry they're getting to caught up in the glamour of Hollywood and Manhattan, the twins also recorded a track with their new neighbor and "one of our best friends in the world", gangsta-rific Compton MC, the Game. "We hang out with game all the time", Benji says. He also describes the collaboration-tentatively titled "Fight Song", a "N.W.A. meets the Clash".

"Oh we're definitely N.W.A.", says Joel Madden. "Or W.W.A.-Wiggaz With Attitude".

Good Charlotte's fourth album that currently has no title yet is said to be released in October, there is no official date on the release...

Meanwhile The Game's manager says Game and Dre are stronger than ever. Dre will be on the record too...nice

If you have yet to download the Lil Wayne and Juelz Cd "I Can't Feel My Face" you really should.