Friday, August 11, 2006

Chilly Gonzales

I don't know why all the sudden I feel the need to dedicate a post to Chilly G, but its time. I can't really say enough about this guy. I watched a 30 minute video this winter of him talking about how ringtones were the future and how tv shows will replace movies and I believed every word.

Gonzo is the man (I know all the French and Canadian heads that come here will stand up). I saw him playing a show with Peaches before Elastica at First Avenue way back in the day and I was shook as hell. The whole thing has been way played out since then with no one doing the shit as good as Gonzo and no one ever will. I have some videos to post as well as a decent Wikipedia link explaining exactly what it is he does. The videos are great and another reason why you tube is the best thing to happen to the internet in a long time. I never thought I would get to see this shit. The best part of this post is the live show I have from a WMFU broadcast. Its the shit, seriously and take my word the quality is great. Watch the videos then download the live show, and then go get The Entertainist, you can get it on Amazon for $3.71 right now (or use some creative means).

Live show (its super awesome quality):
WFMU - Scott Williams Show 10/4/00
Peaches + Gonzales + Bitch Lap Lap
and the credits:
Peaches: Vocals & Groovebox
Chilly Gonzales: Vocals & Minidisc
Feist/Bitch Lap Lap: Vocals
Click anywhere for download.

For info on Scott Williams jump

PS, anyone know who Bitch Lap Lap is?

Lotsa YouTube videos:

Gonzales - 1000 Faces

Gonzales - Take Me To Broadway

Peaches & Gonzales - Red Leather

Gonzo and Feist at Trash

Chilly Gonzales and Jamie Lidell

and some slightly Gonzo related stuff...

Peaches - Downtown

Taylor Savvy - Topsy Turvy

Mocky feat. Feist - Fightin' Away The Tears first single from Navy Brown Blues

And I think I should direct some attention to the label that gave a shit about this stuff way back.

Kitty - Yo

and for those that don't give a shit about this, here is some music for ya.

Keils Feat Nas - Blindfold Me

8-Ball and MJG Feat - Project Pat Relax and Take Notes

Tonite Garza vs the Blue Jays and then Wu-Tang (I almost forgot)

Sorry for the sports here all the sudden.

I knew Dusty was a bad manager, but not a snitch...

This was a surprise

But this isn't

Go Vikes. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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