Friday, July 21, 2006

Cardinals And Marlins Discussing Willis?

I first thought this was a straight Jackson kids mixtape. Then I realized Curtis is involved. I know this shit gets so old. Apology in advance. The link between the two here is obvious, MJ talked about wanting to work with 50, and well they are both Jacksons.

I can't find much about this Crazy Chris online. Anyone have any info? The cover is hot, and the tape is worth the download. The track listing can be seen if you click on the cover art above.

DJ Crazy Chris presents The Jacksons

and then..

Famlay - Skrunt Out

This floated in my inbox last evening. I was going to work on something like this but got beat out by my man Loren aka Beatmaica

Nelly Furtado Feat Rick Ross, Pitbull - Promiscuous Remix

TMNT preview. What do you guys think of this? I remember seeing this movie in like 4th grade. Pumped.

Have a nice weekend ya'll