Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another Remix. This Time it Counts

El Mariel in stores September 12th.

I have always really really been into Pitbull (no homo). I don't think he is a G.O.A.T., and I am not a Pitbull stan but he always brings it all when gets on a track.

This remix is a surprise, and not a let down..well maybe it is because Pitbull only does one verse.

Promiscuous Remix Feat Pitbull

Go here now and Get Wamp Wamp (what it do) (via Pitchers of Silence)

And while on the remix tip Kelis "Bossy" shit over here. (Via Discobelle)

And Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage has the new Diddy single...Uffda, has this man reduced himself to comedy, but while you are there get on the Clipse Freesytle "Time's Up"

Not Pitbull and Nelly in the photo above. It was the best I could do.