Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer Lovin'

Less than ten days till its really summer and the jams can start pouring in. I found a really hot mix today that needs to get thrown up, this should be in the stereo all summer.

10.Deep Vol 7: Sun Lovers Mixed by DJ Ayres

Here is the track listing and a way to buy it.

This goes along perfectly, its the official TnT song for the World Cup. Nothing comes close to Three Lions and Vindaloo of years past, but this is pretty good.

Maximus Dan- Fighter (Soca Warriors)

Lots of other things today as well...

Tru Life Speaks on Dipset.

And then the Borat Movie, and one of my favorite Borat clips.

Finally the Dr. Octagon Aliens video.

Sorry for the local Dipset news to everyone everywhere else, its just a big deal.

Oh Fuck "BEAST" DMX!! You fucking go!