Wednesday, May 31, 2006

He Only Go to Marcy on Christmas Day

So round two it is for real. This morning I put my ipod on shuffle, I couldn't really decide what to listen to and "you gotta love it" came on. It really let me think about that track after hearing"It's Going Down" It isn't as good IMO, but Cam does get some really really really good stuff in. I think Cam goes at Jay better, but the fact that it is over this beat makes the song loose some of the allure...there for all my dick riding (no homo) I still am not a total homer.

Cam'ron - Its Going Down (Jay Z Diss)

Everyone is already expecting Jay to start using Young Jeezy at Summerjam. What is up with that, I thought Jeezy was cool with the Dips.

I didn't mention this yesterday, its better I waited cause Roger provided it with a great title.

Draekwon...and from the wire:

Word is that Raekwon, from the famous Wu-Tang Clan is officially anAftermath recording artist. Many insiders say that the papers are alreadysigned and Dr. Dre & the chief are already working on a new album. Many of you already know that Dr. Dre and Raekwon have already worked together on the upcoming "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" project. Word is Busta Rhymes is the executive producer of that. Should be exciting