Thursday, May 18, 2006

Louis slippers

Jay finally said something:

Rick Ross Feat Jay-Z and Young Jeezy - Hustlin Remix

Its not that hot..he raps like Rick Ross and does mention Cam saying something. Does this mean we get a round two?

It's smart of Jay, but a dull effort. Roots Show tonite and then this?

I'll give Jay a point. He finally said something, its weak as hell. But he did it.

They are all subliminals, but I am not going to be a total homer. These are hot

“99 Problems prickdon’t become the hundredth one”

“Im in the air i dont hear niggas corny raps”

“Stop playin wit me lames ya’ll not my equal it aint no coincidence that my age is a KILO”

Cam sold 150,000, just wait till round 2 hits. You fell right into the trap Jay, now its time for round 2, he's got 15 ready...

Kill em Cam.