Friday, May 19, 2006

Dips Dips Dips

In case you missed it.

In the comments below:
"lol u dickriding loser that's still 10000000 x hotter than anything cam said and this rmx is still 1000000000 x hotter than anything dipset have put out in yearsand i thought dip stans were extinct by now... "

This was posted by someone that didn't give their name.

This blog is named after the dips. Its function is to serve as a place for rap music mostly for the dipset.

You smell? I don't mind hate here, I actually quite like it. I just think its funny that someone would come here and see what is going on and then think that "Stans" like us here are extinct.
This blog was Ethered.
Word to everything.

Some "Stan" wanted the 40 Cal mixtape.
Here it is, it is in two parts.

40 Cal - 40 to life the official 40 cal mixtape
Part 1
Part 2

Everyone have a nice weekend. I am going to see Mobb Deep tonite. Go Sabers.

My favorite styled Cardinal pitcher is making his second start in the majors tomorrow.

He does have two legs, this picture doesn't really give you that idea.