Monday, June 12, 2006

Gangsta + Gangsta= New South.

I was really curious how this would sound. BME/G-Unit, but wowah. Scrappy the prince. He kinda fucks around with a flow that he is familiar with. Does anyone know if this is a Jon beat? Sounds like it could be. Fuck. Its hot. Sorry I don't have a download. Stream this high quality link.

Lil Scrappy - Gangsta, Gangsta

and for someone so not a gangsta..I seriously can't believe this. I heard his other tracks. But what the hell is this shit. Its a rap song. He has dogs? He fucks the police? Smokes Pot? Hustles?
Someone thinks this is gangsta music. Wow..what is he thinking? He should be talkin bout how Britt Britt is about to be a baby mama 2x.

"Kevin Federline, I come tight with every line"

K-Fed - America's Most Hated