Friday, July 07, 2006

Minutes of Fame

I think it is kinda lame to complain about the music I put up here. I take heat for Paris, but I know people are interested..

I took heat for Nelly, but when Lil Wayne and Rick Ross dropped remixes with her no one said a word.

As for JT..seriously, do I need to explain this? IMO his first record is classic piff. Neptunes and Timber production on it destory, guest spots from crazy is that. I don't really understand the whole pop music argument as being a bad thing. Maybe I am exposing myself a little bit here. Its not like new Kelly Clarkson or Jarvis Cocker tracks are getting thrown up, these tracks make sense and I figure that people who come here are interested. The point of a music blog isn't to alienate yourself, or to alienate the people who come here. I do this to spread music that people might be interested in. Feel free to comment below..

Anyway. This blog is almost a year old, I kinda like what it has turned into.

I hope you guys enjoy this new mixtape. More importantly I hope it proves that I still listen to gangsta music.

Jim Jones Presents...M.O.B. (Members Of Byrdgang)

Sorry for the rapidshare link, the file was too big.

tracklisting here.

The dangers of an ipod.

Rick Ross feat Clipse and some- Chevy Ridin High Remix

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, I will update if something the new Em mixtape...where is this?