Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Straight outta Paris. Cry V worked this cover out (not the final cover). Ask me and its hot as shit. This is just a cover worked out for the Grimy Kid/Barostik tape that will drop.

Check out the work of Grimy Kid over on his space and check out Barostik. Word is Agallah is going to host this tape.

Lil Wayne is going to return the favor to Mr. Thicke and is going to be on a track called "All Night Long" Here is a little bit of this song..

This track is killin it right now.

Robin Thicke - Cocaine (prod. by Neptunes)

I'm thinkin this Robin Thicke record could be really nice (Gonna drop on 9/12/06).

Cadillac Don & J-Money - Peanut butter & Jelly

Don't know much about this tune. What I do know is this, this single is the first single from Clarence Witherspoon's record label. Remeber Clarence? Label is called 35/35 and the album will come out thru Warner Music in October. Clarence..Anyone know where the 35 comes from?

Glancing over the Asylum release schedule for the 4th quarter I find that Max B has an album on the way the title is still "TBA" but it is scheduled for November 6th. Look for this to changed. I know these dates are always going to change, but something really struck me on this schedule. Camron has something on the way on December 6th.."Shade of Black." But there is a clean version that comes out the same day, from this I will assume its a new record.I am still waiting on more information regarding this. I will pass it along when I get it. Oh and the Chopped and Screwed version of "Killa Season" has been cancelled.

And news from the now married HOG..

Final doomsday note for GUNIT. They announce their latest "associate" Todd Smith............