Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Go Pirates!

Go Pirates. Right now the Pirates are winning. As long as they can do that I can deal with a Cardinals impolsion tonite. But If that doesn't happen and the birds on the bat happen to win well then I will be filled with a little bit of glee. See I love the Twins and want them to do as well as possible, but my heart is with the Cardinals and has been for many years. So tonite young Anthony Reyes takes the mound, lets all wish him good luck (the season hinders on it).

As I write this the Pirates are up 3-1.

I wanted to write up something on Teki Latex a little while back and then I was told by someone that they wanted to "Slap the Opera hat off him" I liked that. I'm not sure what it mean, but I use it just like "kufi smack". This video is along the same lines (although the intro by Gonzo is really nice). This comment follows up this video perfectly "I love music/Not this kind of shit/Playmobil music".

You be the judge.

Pirates have two runners on and no outs in the third up 3-1. Astros pitching change..go Pirates!