Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is the Zune really the iPod killer?

Image taken from Idolator via FLX-Tech.

The Zune was released early today at best buy and it doesn't seem to be the hit some might have thought.

I know I am waiting until a new version comes out to make up my mind. I like that the Zune is wireless and it will work with my soon to be owned xbox360. I use my nano when I workout but the Zune seemed like it would have been great to watch stuff on and store more music than my 2 gig nano does.

I was shocked today when I read that the Rolling Stones are blocked from the Zune, and the only way to put songs on your Zune is from the Zune Marketplace.

I was shocked that artists were blocked from the Zune, but I understood given it involved the Rolling Stones. What surprised me more is that Universal is actually getting money from Zune sales.

Here is a link to more pictures and a story of a frustrated purchase of the Zune.

What remains to be seen will be how can the Zune be tricked. If the Stones (or other bands) are blocked from the Zune how easy will it be to change the properties of the track to trick the Zune.

Does anyone else think it is weird that the error message is of an Asian girl getting wrestled to the ground?