Monday, November 13, 2006

Kingdom Come Review

I don't hate Jay because Cam told me to or anything. He just lost his swagger. Here is my review of the 'Kingdom Come', it really can be summed up by this..

"Y'all neegas can wear sneakers to the beach if ya want!!"

"Only time you went plat was with my chain around your neck"

Remember when Camron said "And you look like Joe Camel.."

Well, Jay-Z did win the "Huslter of The Year" award. Good job Jay! From what I hear so far, Nas is going to destroy Jay as far as album quality goes. Listen to "Black Republican" from the new Nas record over at Nah Right, Discobelle

I am searching for more information about the 'Dipset Christmas' album..anyone know anything?

Snow Baaallllliiiin'

I'm listening to this right now..