Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Top Billin'

Top Billin' has been in the mix game for a minute now and they were nice enough to send us links to their 4 volumes of mixes as well as "Good as Gold". These are mixes (information and track listings are available if you follow the links) that they have done over the past 5 months, next week they are going to start work on a new mix...but in the meantime:

Top Billin Mix Series - Top Billin' vol. 1

Top Billin Mix Series - Still Retarded vol. 2

Top Billin Mix Series - Fresh Like Damn vol. 3

Top Billin Mix Series - AATTEENCHUUN vol. 4

Sir Nenis - Good As Gold

I know this is a lot to digest, especially when Millions Billions just dropped their new mix this morning.