Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jay - Z Interview from 'The Come Up'

Taken from a new Billboard article:

DJ Green Lantern describes Jay's recent trip to Africa:
"They wrapped him up in traditional layers like a king, and he had to ride a horse. It was literally almost 100 degrees, and they kept adding layer upon layer. But he was very diplomatic."

I don't doubt that Green Lantern doesn't know what kind of subliminal he dropped right there.

The stuff going on with Britney is real serious right now, I guess she bunked out of a recording session with Mr. Skateboard P himself and he isn't quite happy with her. But nothing compares to the concern that her fans on her official myspace page have to say about her recent 'Pussy Drops' with Paris Hilton

Friend Andieā™„ writes:
-hey britney much as i love you you need to read this so you understand how your fans may see the situation. you ended your marriage because kevin was partying too much , well now we see that your out partying with paris , maybe if you wanted to party it should have been when your husband was doing it. now your children need you so do the right thing brit, and be a mother and forget the partying .

Friend cheeky_bee isn't as nice:
-Britney grow a brain would you. You announced your divorce around two weeks ago and have done nothing but party and drink it up since. You would think at a time like this you would want to be with your children. Not out and about flashing your vagina to everyone. Hanging out with paris is going to ruin you simple. The backlash of your recent behaviour is now settling in...Have fun when those kids are taken away from you...Dammn have some respect for yourself and your babies...

Meanwhile, another Nas tracked dropped to the internet. I guess the track that was once called "QB Tru G's" (featuring The Game) (Produced by Dr. Dre) is now called "Hustlers" and you can grab it over at one of my three favorite spots of the internet Different Kitchen, Discobelle, or NahRight.