Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The start to a season of Ballin'......

NBA gets in full swing tonight. Pumped!

ESPN has their first power rankings out. They have the Heat in first. I think after losing by 40+ you can bet they won't be there next week. Bulls living up to they hype last night. Kim Jong-ll must be psyched about the season ahead! Sitting row B tonight for KG vs Artest tonight.

Ron Artest was in town for the game tonight, opening day, and whats Ronnie doing with his afternoon? Promoting the new record. Everyday I'm hustlin'! Check the pics on IHeartKG. Artest is my man!

David Stern has some words on the eve of the season for the players. He wants them to leave their guns at home from now on.

Deputy Shaq has been working lately too. Lending a hand trying to take down some child molestors.

Speaking of that whatever happened to Cam's DVD busting child molestors?

Havn't see this yet but I am dying to. Real life Scarface action! Bienvenido Miami!
Cocaine Cowboys Trailer