Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lil Wayne - Complex Magazine Interview

On the infamous photo of he and Baby kissing:
”I don’t fault nobody for misunderstanding. I don’t understand a lot of shit. Baby walked in the crib one day and was like, ‘Everybody’s doing this black mob shit. When I see you niggas, this is what we’re gonna do.’ And that’s why you’ve probably got a picture of me because I stuck with everything that man said. But every nigga’s done that. I’ve done kissed [Juvenile and B.G.]. No homo. Pause.”
On Pharrell and the Clipse:
”I don’t see no fucking Clipse. This is a fucking legend you’re talking to right here. How many years them niggas been around? Who the fuck is Pharrell? Do you really respect him? That nigga wore BAPE and y’all thought he was weird. I wore it and y’all thought it was hot. What I gotta go in the store and say, ‘I like these colors but I can’t buy them because other rappers wore them?”
Source Complex Magazine:

I spoke with Rich Boy today and I asked him about Lil Wayne and Baby. He told me that he didn't want to speak on tradition and stuff, but they are not gay. I mean Al Capone got kissed, Tony Soprano kisses his son...We both agreed on two things though, Lil Wayne needs to stop saying "weezy fucking baby" and that he is the best rapper out right now. I will post more of the interview in a little bit.

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