Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nas - Responds To Carmen and Jim Jones

Yesterday Nasir was on the "Trey the Chocolate Jock Morning Jump-off" show on Chicago's Power 92. He responded/added to the Carmen mess. When Nasir was asked about the alleged closefisted punch he gave Carmen he said he wasn't going to even respond "because this is the type of person who is after only God knows what". He also said he doesn't even speak to Carmen, and when he does need to with regard to their daughter it all goes through an assistant.

When Nasir got off the air Carmen called up and said that she speaks often with Nas, and had last talked to him the day before the radio show. She also said that Nasir not only read the book, but helped her to outline the chapters. She also said that Nasir wanted her to add the part about not wanting to date Beyonce because of her breath.

Also in the new Complex Magazine (what is with this magazine) Nasir continued to sound off.

Nasir said in the interview that he was offered a president's job at Atlantic Records which would have made him Jim Jones' boss. He continued:
"I'm still his boss [laughs]. I am above him. Who's not above Jim Jones? I don't know any of his records and I'm not even being funny. Like I know he's got a record called Ballin. I hope it sells some records, but I swear to you I've never heard it."
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