Friday, December 15, 2006

SLTGM's Worst Album Covers of the Year

This was something I was going to save for a week or so, but since others have started to post their year end lists and such I had to jump in. I am going to run through these really quick and let you know what I dislike these covers. I am linking all these to Amazon so you can get a better look and maybe even buy the album. Don't judge a book by the cover, right? These are in no particular order, they are all bad.

Public Enemy - Rebirth of a Nation: This one is almost too easy, bad fonts, bad photoshop in front of some Cadillac's. Aren't PE supposed to be against SUV's and things?

Eminen Presents The Re-Up: Drawn by Eminem himself.

Method Man - 4:21 (The Day After): Personally, I don't like too many references to "4:20" let alone "4:21" so I start off not really liking this and then you add in a giant "4:21"

Lloyd Banks - Rotten Apple: Is Banks blue? Is the room he is blue? Is the New York City blue? What is going on?

Ying Yang Twins - Chemically Imbalanced: Another thing I am not a fan of is the ying yang, and that is all I really see when looking at this cover. I am not even paying attention to the sun rays shooting out of the ying yang.

Flavor Flav - Hollywood: Not too much should be expected out of Flavor Flav. Although, I would expect if the album was called "Hollywood" he would actually be above Hollywood not the NYC skyline pre 2001.

2Pac - Pac's Life: 2Pac has actually turned into a cloud on this cover. Not only have they run out of things to put behind Pac's voice but there are no more pictures left.

Ice T - Gangsta Rap: Either the best cover of the year or the worst, I'm not sure for obvious reasons.

KRS One - Life
: To be honest, I didn't actually know he had an album out this year. I just thought Beyonce was too easy of a target and I knew that KRS would have a horrible cover. The mic in the streets is a great idea, but that looks more like a sidewalk.

Ludacris - Release Therapy: If the hair cut wasn't bad enough, what is that brown looking wall that takes up over half the cover.