Monday, January 22, 2007

Juelz Santana - The Second Coming(Nike Commercial)

Nice work Nike.

Nickelback still sucks, and their fan's are starting to realize this.

Ummm, this warrior catches Anaconda with his bare hands. I call him a warrior because I can't believe any person would do this.

J. Biel giving Puff Daddy more reason to check her out. (via The Superficial)

Ian from Different Kitchen was quoted in the NYTimes in an article about the Drama situation.

Check out Sneek from Rock and Roll is Dead on Hiphopgame TV: backstage pass with Young Joc, Grafh & Young Dro

K.S aka Marcel Pagnol who I have posted stuff by before just sent in this Dem Franchize Boys Savage Mix mix.

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