Thursday, February 15, 2007

JR Writer - Writers Block Vol. 4 (Review)

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JR Writer
Writers Block 4
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JR Writer just released the 4th volume in the 'Writer's Block' series, and it is being pretty slept on. Should it be? JR sold something around 50K of his last album.

I'm one of those JR listeners who is still curious why "Mezmorized" off 'Writer's Block 2' didn't appear on his major label debut. Number 4 in the series has it's moments, of course- some good, some bad and some just OK. If JR would have combined the hot tracks off volume 4 with the hot tracks off 'History in the Making' he would have had a really solid debut album. "Get Em" (produced by JR's brother) is a great song, and would have sounded really good after a track like "Zoolander" or "Grill Em".

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JR Writer featuring Hell Rell - DukeDaGod Presents: JR Writer Writer's Block 4

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