Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Things

Featured off the forthcoming Buddy Leezle release Leezle4Hire, White Girl Lust serves up one of their most grimey beats ever with assisting vocals by Cerebral Vortex.

Get On Up (Dirt Style) – Buddy Leezle feat. Cerebral Vortex (Produced by White Girl Lust) (Z-Share)/(YSI)

Eventually WGL will be doing a mix for Still-Listen, they have been really busy which is a very good thing.

According to Page Six Suge to pull the plug on Deathrow, what has come out on Dethrow in the last 5 years anway?

I am hearing rumors that D12 is going to release their new album 'Natural Born Killers' in June and then Eminem will release a new record in November. The fourth quarter release schedule watch begins now. The first D12 single will be out in April and I guess it pokes fun at fans that have been upset over the recent releases by D12 and Eminem. I imagine fans heads will explode when they hear this song, what to do? Can you complain about a song that is about you complaining about a song?

Speaking of release schedules- I recieved an update from Asylum and guess what album after 3 changed released dates and a changed album title is now "TBD"?

- Mike Jones 'American Dream' move from 04/03/07 to 05/08/07
- Lil Wyte 'The One & Only' moves from 05/01/07 to 05/22/07
- Bryd Gang Compilation moves from 04/24/07 to 06/05/07
- Cam'ron 'Crime Pays' moves from 05/15/07 to TBD

Here are a couple of great star wars mashups:
ABBA The Hut is brilliant and USPS is rolling out a line of R2D2 mailboxes in honor of the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. These are very cool, TheForce.Net has some great pictures.