Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another 'Drought 3' Update and Clinton Sparks Leads The Charge

Status Ain't Hood review of the 'Drought 3' really puts things in perspective. The mixtape isn't out yet, we don't even know if the tracks that have leaked are actually going to be on the mixtape. Is it fair to really review it yet? It isn't the review in which Status Ain't Hood succedes in, more so a tale of the 'Drought 3' rumored release over the past month or so as well as the current state of mixtapes. Is this the future of mixtapes? Lots of possible legal issues and fear with regards to big releases? Or is it simply that DJ Khaled really hasn't put down his yelps yet as explained here. When Drama was arrested many accused Dwayne Carter of turning his back on Drama when he said there are legal ways to do things and people need to be careful. We all know that Drama was thrown under the bus by major labels and while many artists experienced gain via 'Gangsta Grillz'. We also know that these mixtapes might not have been 100% legal and it is a shame how it all went down. So has Wayne figured out the legal way to do things? Is the answer to just let people download it for free?

Online-only free mixtapes seem to be the future right now. It seems that some artists are finally catching on to what posting free music to download online can really do. Just ask
Chamillionaire and Talib Kweli, two artists who have recently enjoyed more attention than usual as result. With the way things seem to be headed and lots of legal issues abound for illegal downloads. I can more than get down with artists providing free links to their mixtapes. I don't need to state the obvious as far as what the attention that online music being freely distributed can provide for an artist.

Wayne has made it very clear that you should not pay for 'Drought 3' and when 'Drought 3' does come out I assure you that it will be offered as a free download from Lil Wayne's Young Money Page.

I didn't mean to post a whole article on the current state of mixtapes, I know the topic has been beaten to death. I really just wanted to point everyone to the fact that Clinton Sparks is offering all of his mixtapes for free download on his web site. Yes, that means you can get both of the 'We Got It For Cheap' and all the 'Smash Time Radio' mixtapes as well as countless others legally for free.