Thursday, April 19, 2007

Donald vs Rosie (Not Over Yet)

This was a topic that was covered very closely a few months back. I received some criticism for it and as the feud died down so did my desire to keep a close pulse to gossip blogs searching for bits on the beef. My interest was resurrected with this bit of news today from the New York Post.

Donald Trump has unleashed a secret weapon in his feud with Rosie O'Donnell. Remember Rosie's movie "Exit to Eden"? Trump sent to Barbara Walters a gigantic black "undergarment" she wore in the movie on Monday to hang on the office wall at "The View."

The girdle-like outfit - described as "a bustier" and "a giant pair of panties" - was bought at a charity auction by a fan, who then had the relic framed under glass and delivered to Trump.

Here is what Trump had to say about the "gift" from Page Six:
I sent it to Barbara to hang in her office because I didn't want it in mine. It was funny, except that it was really gross. It's disgusting. I feel sorry for [Rosie's] wife. It can't be pleasant.
Trump played the 'Trump Card' and might have dropped the best ether of all time, thoughts?