Friday, April 13, 2007

The 'Drought 3' Leak Isn't Real

Contrary to a bootlegged version currently available online, DJ Khaled has exclusively confirmed to that Lil' Wayne's "Drought 3" mixtape is still unreleased.

DJ Khaled had this to say exclusively to about the "Drought 3" mixtape:

"Yeah we just finished mixing it last week, so it should be coming out soon. There’s a bootleg floating around with a few of the songs that leaked, but that’s not even close to all of the tracks that are going to be on the real thing. Plus, the real version is hosted by me and Birdman, so with the bootleg, it doesn’t even have the same feel. But it’s ready to go. We’re just not sure when it’s going to drop yet."

Lil' Wayne's new album, "Tha Carter 3", is expected to be released sometime this summer.

Source: HHNLive

This tape is getting crazy amounts of hype. I can't remember the last time any mixtape has generated this much enthusiasm.