Thursday, April 05, 2007

Young Buck - Buck The World (Review)

Young Buck
Buck The World
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I thought it would be best to hand the reins over to HOG who runs the web site What We Do Is Secret to review the new Young Buck record. I know HOG is a big Buck fan and also the only person I know to have listened to the whole record a few times.

This record had all the indicators of a total train wreck. The title, the wanna be D'Angelo cover art, the Linkin Park dude cameo it all had me wondering if it should have been called Sophomore Slump instead of Buck the World.
He is probably only 6 album titles away from "Buck-aroo Bonzai" or something worse, but until then Buck Marley keeps bringing that Ten-a-key flow. Few have broken down hood life and the dope game as well as Buck. If he is the G-Unit clean up man, he has his hands full as they haven't put a man on base since his last record. Think about it. Straight out of Cashville was followed by Yayo, The Massacre, Mobb Deep, and Rotten Apple. Anyone still have those in heavy rotation? I didn't think so. But instead of bitching and whining like Paul Pierce, he keeps making classics. Buck is making moves and looks ready to stand on his own and that independent streak is what has me ready for "Bucklebery Finn", "Buckistan", "The man from B.U.C.K.L:E.", "Buck's Next", "Buck Sells Out", "Notorious B.U.C.K", or whatever else he can come up with . Buck is just far enough out of the hood that he can simultaneously celebrate his new found success and still spin tales from the hardside without sounding corny or out of touch. You know this site loves Polow Da Don and he has a hot track on here "Get Buck" is a horn driven banger. When a dude that stabbed someone on TV, talks about busting your head you better take it serious and Buck is always taking that mad shit. If you loved Cashville, you will not be disappointed

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