Friday, March 30, 2007

Stephon Marbury vs LeBron James

There is nothing like two grown men having a public spat about who has better shoes. Steph's Starbury shoes go for $14.98 and his T-shirts and sweatshirts for $9.99. By comparison, James' Zoom LeBron IV retails for $150 and a James' T-shirts for $55. Why would King James be threatened by the Starbury shoes or Steph for that matter? Why does LeBron even need to say anything about it? The LeBron backlash started this year and it is due time. Lames made these comments about Nike in response to the Starbury brand before Wednesday's Knicks game:
I think me being with Nike, we hold our standards high, we do a great job putting out great merchandise. Great shoes, that's part of a price that's pretty high, but at the same time you're getting great quality for it.
Steph responded with these remarks upon hearing LeBron's remarks:
I laughed. I'd rather own than be owned. When he retires, he's not going to own anything. I don't think he did his homework. We're putting out the same stuff he's putting out, just at an affordable price. But I understand that he's got to say that because it's part of the business.
It should be noted that Steph is making 17 million this season while Lames is making $5.8M on the back end of his rookie-scale deal. I hope that Durant scores his 50 million dollar shoe deal and Stern and the NBA decide that LeBron is old news and we can file him with the likes of Harold Miner. Ok, that will never happen but it would be nice.