Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lil Wayne - Hustler Music Hidden Message

I didn't realize that on the 'Carter 2' Lil Wayne pulling some "Hail Mary" Pac weight.

Take this for what it is worth, as you should all hidden messages of this nature. All the information here was taken from the post on youtube by xsmallfry2go. I'm sure some readers will have some things to say about this.

At 40 sec: All he did was doubt, all you did was stab, all he did was die......
52: all you did was doubt me, all you did was stab us......him him him
the chorus is at 1:05 : set it off set it off rewind this you'll know more than (?) I assure this to you fam. Where I'm from where are you from right to this day I am sincere genie,yes ma, ur first wish you could fly, you should join eat wit me.... (?)
1:47: follow....follow....
2:00: I studied soul from and got hit by it?
2:08: see fuck telling if we die in the inside we will see if you meet me in(?)
2:12: Got his dollars, got a fam but he died from hi (?) but time run him off my accident from the bottles ??
2:21: that force, that fear, loyal that, that old ganja that.....sayin I don't get respect (...) it runs in my veins
2:55: Here's where I'm from, first (?) from this (?) city where fakers die and I know fakers try and fakers (?) and finally the city came on my neck.
3:04: i kissed em(?) im used to the fable mafia who stood a found position and called me
3:18: shorty....
3:20: stash a n****....
3:22: third ward....or go by money
3:25: September run her meat albini
3:29: we walked in on her
3:31: girl(?)...girl
3:34: girl bullet behind him don't run
4:04: n*** for the sad..?.. give vowels..give vowels n**** for the money
4:24: New Orleans now, see now reaper its mercy now, the daemons, (...) oh they fear satan eh, yes
4:38: Christians just suing
4:49: my hands knife, i had to fight.. thats right.. all he did was stab,....(?) i had to, sshhh(?)
5:03: why did I involve you? (repeat) (more) (less)