Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lil Wayne Haters Beware!

The following was taken from the Young Money Message board. With all the Wayne hate going on these days I thought this rant was appropriate. I didn't correct any of the grammar, I just edited out a few words.
I'm sooooo fuckin tired of reading these post about Wayne a ho, Wayne kissed his daddy, Wayne aint real, Wayne can't fight, Wayne gay, Wayne this Wayne that. SO FUCKIN WHAT! Who gives a fuck! this shit is about MUSIC. Albums, and Mixtapes the shit your listening to. If you don't know none of these n***** listen to the music, and stop worrying about who you think hard in the game. There's alot of bitch as n***** coming on Wayne board talking about they like other cats because they real or they the truth. If you 1 of those n***** You a BITCH ASS N****. You don't know these niggaz and you sayin he real, and this n**** a ho.

Then you got n***** who sayin Wayne fallin off he aint the same nomo.... Well why the FUCK you got more post on this fuckin board then the some of the veterans on this BITCH??? It's no way i will be on a nigga board if i aint on the n**** music. If you 1 of these n***** get a FUCKIN LIFE.

I'm from the N.O i been on wayne for a long time, and the n**** is running circles arround the competition. I ran into him a few times on the streets back in the day but i don't know the n**** personally. So if sombody have footage of a 13 year old girl beating this n**** up I don't give a fuck. I like the n**** music not him, because i don't know him. I'm just tired of downloading a song, and you got a pussy as n**** with a MILLION POST on this bitch sayin Wayne aint real.

Roll then ole pussy ass N*****
The follow up post was "Wayne must have kissed you"....

For any doubting where Wayne is at right now, why not just go have a listen to one of the tracks on the 'Drought 3'.