Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rich Boy - Rich Boy (Review)

Rich Boy
Rich Boy
[Interscope South Records/Zone4 Inc.]
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I was first introduced to Rich Boy 2 years ago. Back then I thought Rich Boy
was a big guy and I thought "Get To Poppin'" was produced by Timberland (it
was actually produced by Brian Kidd). The hype for Rich Boy has grown since
then, with no small help from "Throw Some D's" and Polow Da Don. Two years
later his album was finally released and frankly, it wasn't very good.
I understand why rappers still do tracks like "Good Things"- it's the third
single-slow jam staple 'for the ladies'. Did he need a two of those? If you
are hoping to hear more tracks like "Throw Some D's" or "Get To Poppin'" you
are out of luck, he doesn't even come close to sounding as hot on the rest
of the album.

The worst moment on the album comes with the first song "The Madness"
produced by Rich Boy. It sounds like a parody. I maybe would have got down
to this song 5 years ago. It is great that Rich Boy produces tracks, but
hide that stuff at the end of the album.

This may sound like a purely negative review but it's not. There are some
really great songs on here- I like about five of them; six if you can handle
"The Madness". 5 out of 16 is an OK ratio considering most 'good' rap albums
have around 7.

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