Friday, March 23, 2007

Buddy Leezle and Willy Joy

If the name Buddy Leezle rings a bell it is because a few weeks ago I posted a Buddy Leezle remix done by White Girl Lust.

Buddy Leezle (aka Buddy Leroy) is a globe trotting emcee who balances his time between Austin, TX & San Francisco, CA. He is a member of "club-hoppin" 215: The Freshest Kidz, Atlanta's Broady Champs, and Texas's Galaxy High. Look for him on upcoming releases with Curtis Vodka, White Girl Lust, Bird Peterson, Al Ripken and some....His "LEEZLE4HIRE" mixtape is now available on his myspace along with more music, as well as 215:TFK's "PHRE$H2DEF" and "GALAXY HIGH".

Buddy Leezle - High Horse (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Willy Joy has been spotted all over the place and he has some upcoming shows in Chicago with some people you might have heard of. While emailing back and forth the other day about gigs and things Willy dropped this remix on me.

Gwen Stefani Feat Akon - Sweet Escape (Willy Joy mix) (YSI)/(Z-Share)