Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Allen Iverson is Jewels

The newest member of the 'Thuggets' (hat tip to Boss) album went from "Does he really have an album" to "He actually has an album". Can you believe this album was supposed to come out in 2001? Actually, the lead single "40 Bars" was recorded in 2000. The rumor is that it was delayed for so long in order to provide the same worldwide release date out of respect for his international fans. I don't know what is more shocking, that the album actually is coming out or that Allen wants to go by the name 'Jewels'. More info at the Leak Source.

AI isn't the only rapper from the NBA, but he is only Jewels. Did you know Kobe was on a track with 50 Cent? How about T-Hud and Ray J? Street Census has the Top 10 Worst/Best Athlete-Rappers.