Friday, May 04, 2007

Jay-Z Currently Has 99 Problems And A Plane Crash Isn't 100

Taken from TMZ
Rumors have been swirling this morning that rapresario Jay-Z (aka Shawn Carter) was in a plane crash this morning.
TMZ has confirmed that a small plane registered to a citizen of Dublin, GA crashed near Asheville, NC in the Smoky Mountains. The FAA tells TMZ that the four-seat propeller plane did go down this morning, but could not provide any additional details.
Sources tell TMZ that he is on his way to Vegas this weekend to take in the Mayweather - de la Hoya fight.
I have learned since TMZ posted this that Jay-Z was not actually on the plane.

Next time Nasir falls off his bike I expect the TMZ to be right on it.

Someone should take their keyboards away, this is the second example today of what I call bad-blogging.