Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Enrique Iglesias + Lil Wayne = Guitar Solo

Make sure you grab/read the new issue of Scratch Magazine. Here is a little bit about Lil Wayne and a collaboration with Ebrique Iglesias. The Iglesias stuff alone is something else, but it also involves Wayne and that guitar playing of his.

You've been playing the guitar for a little time now. Any chance we might hear a Lil Wayne guitar solo some time soon?

I've already done it I'm featured on the new Enrique Iglesias single, "Push Up On It." I played the guitar on that song. I also played on my artist Currency the Hot Sptter;s first song, "Staring at the World." So I've already recored and laid the guitar down [on tracks]. I'm on tour right now and I've played the guitar at every show, so I'm good. So the question isn't, "Am I gonna start puttin' the guitar in music?" I've already done it. Enrique Iglesias, homie. Holla at ya boy!

Ebrique Iglesias doesn't seem like your typical running mate. How'd you link up with him?

'Cause I'm cold, my nigga! That's how we hooked up. When you cold, everybody gon' hook up with you. When your good at what you do, it dont matter if it;s Whitney Houston, it don't matter if it's Yung Joc, it don't matter if it's Lil Bow Wow to Enrique Iglesias. It's gon' happen if your good. If you good they gon' call you. Nah, but real talk, shout out my man Steve Morals---that's one of the producers who worked on my album and he did the beat for that song and he recommended for me to be on there.