Friday, June 01, 2007

Real Life "Stan" Steals Kim Mathers' Cell Phone

Kyle Spratt, from Windsor, Ontario jacked Kim Mathers' phone from a Windsor bingo hall, where he worked, while she was outside smoking. Spratt then called Eminem on her phone asking him to listen to his demo track. Spratt didn't appreciate Eminem using a fake voice in an effort to avoid Spratt and took action by recording a song about it. Eminem must have phoned the police on Spratt because shortly after posting the song "Slim Sellout" on his myspace the Detroit Police were involved. The song contains samples from conversations Spratt had with the Police and Eminem.

There are a few things to learn here:

1) Kim Mathers now hangs out at Bingo Halls
2) Opening for Obie Trice doesn't mean that Eminem will listen to your music (see myspace photos)
3) Stan's are very real.

There is also a whole mess of a story here in which Spratt texted back and forth with Kim telling her that he was going to post pictures all over of her family.

The song was removed from Spratt's page, but you can hear "Slim Sellout" right here.

Can you imagine how excited Spratt must have been when he realized Kim was at his bingo hall.