Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lil' Wayne Has Been Busy

Often times while listening to Lil' Wayne, I just want to stop and tell everyone to listen to him. My jaw hit the floor when he dropped the Eric Bieniemy (who is from the NO) line. At this point someone needs to put out a coffee table book with Lil Wayne one-liners so they can be closer examined.

If you have been away from the internet the last couple of days you have missed quite a bit from Dwayne. All the 'Carter 3' tracks that leaked a few weeks ago (such as "La, La" and "Dyin'") can all be heard on the "Carter 3 Sessions"-that is old news. This week "1000 Degreez" and "Love Me or Hate Me" leaked (which will more than likely appear on the new 'WEEZYAVELI' mixtape) have reached the internet. Wayne mentioned in an interview this week that he will be gathering up all the leaked tracks and come out with a mixtape called 'The Leak'. 'Carter 3' isn't even supposed to come out till early 2008.

Not only has Wayne been pumping out plenty of original material, but he also appears on the " Party Like A Rockstar" remix and a "Prostitute" remix with Trina ( listen to at The Fader ). Oh, and there is also The Cool Kids track .

Somewhere in all of this Weezy has recorded a mixtape with Game and 'I Can't Feel My Face' with Juelz. That has to come out one of these days, right?

In the coming months, Wayne will be featured on lots of guest spots (that is what he wanted to do in '07 anyway). Look for Wayne on the new T.I. record on a track called "Raw", on Kayne's new album 'Graduation' and the Zeke album to name a few. In the new issue of Scratch Magazine Wayne says "when you're hot it doesn't matter who calls: Whitney Houston, Yung Joc, anybody." Could this mean Wayne and Whitney are up to something? I am also hearing rumors that Wayne will have a song on the new Madden and the Simpsons movie soundtrack.

So, when did Lil' Wayne enter the next level? Was it 'Lil Weezyana' or was it ' Drought 3'?

By the time you finish reading this, I'm sure Lil Wayne recorded and leaked a few more tracks.