Thursday, August 18, 2005

She Knows Every Santana Song

Goods from Jim Jones new record Harlem:Diary of Summer. Boss and I had a good listen last night to the record. It is so fuckin good, for real. Wait till J.I.M.M.Y drops...but until then. This is one of the best tracks, mostly because JR sounds so good, and Juelz grown up some too.

Jim Jones feat JR. Writer, Juelz Santana and Latiff- Honey Dip

Power, Substance, Style

Styles P., government name David Styles, is no ordinary rapper. He embodies true thug-life to the fullest, and then some. Simply put: Styles P. keeps it so real, one look and he’ll make any “Ruff-Neck” go soft. Once a Bad Boy Entertainment devotee - LOX was signed to Sean Combs (Diddy) label during their “Money, Power, Respect” days. When things didn’t turn out as planned with Bad Boy. “The Bomb Squad,” who had changed their name to the “LOX,” ran a street campaign to free themselves from their contract and after it was finally terminated, got signed to Ruff Ryders. Now, after multi-platinum success with the LOX, Styles P. has readied himself to represent the streets like no one has because Styles represents “the niggas with the hoodies on - struggling. These songs come from his second record "Time is Money Part II".

Ruff Ryder For Life Ft Jadakiss & Sheek

The record isn't actually that good, but this song is worth listening to. I actually took a song I uploaded off, it was really bad, I didn't feel right about posting it. If you can find a track listing you will know which one I am talking about.

I'm thinkin about puttin up a new SAS/J.R Writer song. Especially after I heard JR kill it on Diary.

Summer Diary Tomorrow

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Before My Ice Was In My Grill

I don't know much about this cat Jae Millz. In the above picture he does seem to really be showing it to someone, it might be the recently retired Jin. I do know this track was produced by Cool and Dre. Good lookin out by Cool and Dre as of late. Those dudes have been killing it this year. Hate It or Love It. I do know this track hits hard, hits hard like Lean Back first hit. Bump this shit, it don't matter if you tricked out VW has a bumper that is fallin off, your still gonna look like a baller drivin through the projects playin dis.

Jae Millz-I Like That/Stop

I usually want to shy away from posting radio rips. I got this one off Sirrus. Its really smart, and interesting to me because I am not sure what Kayne is really doing, this track is getting quite a of buzz. Anyway Kayne and Nas, its not on the new Kayne record. I really like the way the drums sound on this track, I really could hear Jigga over this. I am tryin to up a lot because I feel like I am lettin people down until I can provide the Diary for Summer.

We Major-Kayne West Ft. Nas {Radio Rip}

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Low Blow No Homo

I am about to unleash something on ya'll Kuffi Smackers. Dip Set in London. This was around about a year ago, its hard to find. There are so many amazing things about this video. For everyone that don't already know you will. The video is 11 minutes 14 seconds long, so hang in there with the download. This is straight G'eed up no doubt. I wanted to kill it with a massive update since I can't provide the Diary for Summer yet.

Dipset In London, all day every day

I'm not a big fan of James Worthy

Been killlin waitin for the new East Coast Ryder man album to drop.
This will be a decent hold over. Update should come later today. I am trying out a new file server, holla if you got any problems.

Denise Weeks feat Jim "Capo" Jones- All Night Long