Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day Edition - Interview With Nancy Jones (Jimmy's Capo)

I had the chance to speak with Nancy Jones mother of Jim Jones. Nancy is the Chairman /CEO of Nostic Apparel and Jimmy is the President. For more information on Nostic visit their web site, for store locations visit their myspace page.

On June 23rd in NYC Juelz Santana and S.A.S. will be preforming for the 4th Annual Santana's Town Fashion show. Not only will the show feature performances but you will be able to check out Nositc and Nancy's Couture line Jonezz. Pick up tickets here.

Nancy is a very proud mother and a very nice woman. Today she will be celebrating what she says will be her best Mothers Day yet. With a family business starting and her son Ballin' I don't see why it wouldn't be.

JJ: Explain what Nostic is to you? How are you achieving this?

Nancy Jones: Nostic is New Revolution of the mind and spirit. How you feel within yourself.

JJ: You have a womans couture line too called Jonezz, what exactly is that?

Nancy: Jonezz, pronounced Jones is more of a couture line for woman and children. Jonezz is a twist of class, everything is denim. Jonezz is the kind of denim that you can wear to weddings, promos. Everything is denim mixed with many other fabrics. I've been out to the club and seen people not get in because they had denim on and I am dressed in Jonezz and I get right in.

JJ: What are you favorite designers, what inspires the fashion?

Nancy: I don't look at anyone else. My mother and grandmother inspired me, I was always making clothes. When I was 9 years old I was making outfits for my Barbie Dolls. I graduated from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and since I was 9 this is what I wanted to do.

JJ: I get a lot of questions about the belts that Jimmy and Juelz wear? People ask where they can find them, is that something included in the Nostic collection?

Nancy: That business is going to collide with Nostic, they are not yet a part of the collection but they are in development. Soon you are going to see Jimmy dressed head to toe in Nostic.

JJ: I read that Freekey Zekey is going to be rocking Nostic on his new album? Is that true?

Nancy: He is! Thats true, we had a photo shoot 2 weeks ago. We have been getting a lot of attention- MIMS called me a few weeks ago looking for a Nostic hoodie that he could wear for a video and Redman called looking for a Nostic hat.

JJ: Nostic is all about freedom of expression and spiritual beliefs and dealing with life's everyday obstacles, what do you say to someone who is faced with the obstacles of the financial inability to buy a t-shirt or a hoddie.

Nancy: I know for a fact that we will cater to everyone. Prices are going to be higher on signature t-shirts, but we are going to have different types for people that can't afford the signature items. We are not going to forget about anyone.

JJ: Is the Nostic perspective in harmony or conflict with an otherwise Christian or Biblical outlook?

Nancy: Not a conflict, it is all about how you feel and representing that. People struggle between good and bad, Nositc is for those people.

JJ: Since it is Mothers Day weekend, I'm going to have to ask you a few things about your family and yourself as a mother. What was your best Mothers Day that you can remember with Jimmy?

Nancy: Everyday is, every day I get to see my children.

JJ: My mom says that too, but really what was the best mothers day? I know you have one.

Nancy: This one will be really special, we are starting a family business, it is a beautiful time for the family. Good things have happened this year for us. Seven is Jimmy's lucky number and we are in the year '07 and seven is the number of the Lord. We have had a really good year, so this mothers day will be my favorite.

JJ: What was the best thing Jimmy has ever given you for Mothers Day?

Nancy: I wear it everyday, he got me a ring with all my children's birthstone on it.

JJ: How many children do you have?

Nancy: Seven, it is like the Brady Bunch.

JJ: How many boys and girls?

Nancy: Jimmy was the only boy until I got remarried and now he has a step brother. All the sisters work on the clothing line together, it is really a beautiful thing.

JJ: So Precious Jones is Jimmy's sister?

Nancy: Oh, you know Precious. Yeah she is working on the line.

JJ: Jimmy said something on BET that really gave me some insight into his work ethic. When talking about people making it in the industry he said that people need to try as hard as they can and then question themselves if they are really trying as hard as possible. Is this something you used to tell him?

Nancy: That is my motto. You have to know struggle to appreciate your accomplishments. If things are handed to you on a silver platter you don't appreciate it. You really have to understand the struggle and never give up. Patience is the key to virtue.

JJ: What are you favorite songs of Jimmy's?

Nancy: I like "Summer in Miami" and "I'm in Love With A Thug."

JJ: What is your favorite record, by another artist?

Nancy: The only artist I really love is Jimmy. Although Robin Thick is messed up, in a good way. I'm going to make Jimmy and Robin get together to make a record.

JJ: Have you heard "Shooter" with Lil Wayne?

Nancy: Oh yea, that track is really messed up. I like Lil Wayne too. My son is so versatile I don't want to see him just raping, I want to see him do everything. I would like to see Jimmy could do a rock song, an R&B song.

JJ: I have to ask, and if you don't want to answer this question you don't have to. What is up with Jimmy and Cam'ron. There has been a lot of rumors going around this week do you have any insight onto what is going on?

Nancy: Everybody has to realize that people go through ups and downs in a relationship and they most of all need to realize that. Things get blown out of proportion. Jimmy and Cam'ron are always going to be together no matter what, the Diplomats are like a family.

JJ: Thank you very much for the interview and I hope you have a happy Mothers Day.

Nancy: Thank you for the interview and wish your mom a happy Mothers Day from me as well.

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