Tuesday, May 08, 2007

50 Cent - Curtis (Album Info)

All of this information might or might not be true. The following track list appeared on itunes yesterday for pre-order:

2.Come Go (Produced By Dr.Dre)
3.Follow My Lead feat. Robin Thicke (Produced By Tha Bizness)
4.Movin On Up
5.Peep Show feat. Eminem (Produced By Eminem)
6.Still Will Kill
7.All Of Me feat. Mary J. Blige (Produced By Jake One)
9.Fully Loaded Clip (Produced by Havoc)
10.My Gun Go Off
11.She Wants It
12.Straight To The Bank (Produced By Ty Fyffe)
13.Amusement Park (Produced By Dangerous LLC)
14.Fire feat. Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls & Young Buck (Produced By Dr.Dre)
15.Hands Up High
16.Officer Down feat. Kardinal Offishall
17.Smile feat. Lloyd Banks
18.The Mechanic feat. Tony Yayo
19.Video-Funeral Music

After looking at this track list I have a few questions. Didn't Lloyd Banks and 50 alredy do a track called "Smile"? That song doesn't deserve a part 2 does it? Same for "Fire," I know that was a Banks song. And, where is the Justin Timberlake track?

"Amusement Park" has landed on the internet and itis already labeled as the third piece to 50 Cent's opus having all begun with "In Da Club". What do you think? NahRight has got a link.