Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm Richer...Is Diddy gonna win?

I want to thank everyone that emailed and cleared up this lawyer issue earlier today. I come to find people just love the dips. But all that still goes, the legal stuff that is.

So this is the actual cover for the album above. Or maybe someone just took out the pink and added the title.

and this video..

Lil Wayne and Baby - Stuntin Like My Daddy video

I found this word...baaaaaaaaaaaaaaallin

Jim Jones - We Fly High video

So Puff put a freestyle on his myspace today. It sounds like he is going against 50. And he has a great line in there. "I'm Richer" I guess thats an Ether right? Its funny, I mean he must have more money and you know Curtis must hate to hear that Puffy made more off acne medicine than 50 made off the last Mobb Deep record. That kinda puts 50 in his place. This is going to get heated folks. Stay tuned.

Look up on the ledge 50 thats Sean up there and those are warning shots. Who is the K.O.N.Y? Thats King of New York people.

Anyone actually have Bulletproof? I think I am going to play this game.