Friday, September 29, 2006

His world

I have to admit, I listened to this album and I wasn't impressed. It sounded like Ron was a little scared of the mic, mostly using a very low voice. The album contained the usual rap themes and kinda bored me. We posted a couple of tracks but then removed them (in order to follow the RIAA regulations).

I just read a review from Slam Magazine and wow, I have to listen to this album again, I didn't hear lyrics such as these from the song "Haters":
“I admit I used to smoke before games.”

“Hit the liquor store at halftime.”

“David Stern! Damn, David Stern. I gotta teach you bout the ghetto there’s some things you should learn.”

“Matt Lauer, up on NBC. You look like a girl don’t talk to me.”

Is it possible that this album is going to get lots of good reviews? I hope it does, I hope Basketball players all start to put out rap albums, it's always a good time.

Read the entire review at Slam

Here is a better cover for the new Jimmy Jones Mix tape (posted below)...