Thursday, September 28, 2006

you can beat the cardinals this year, but you still can't beat pujols.

Seven game losing streaks are no fun. There are not enough games in the season for this to happen any more this year. Had Albert not hit that ball last night we would only be .5 games up. How far can her carry this team? The following is taken from Viva El Birdos a site I visit througout the entire day.

pujols' homer last night might prove to be that unexpected, out-of-nowhere good sentence creeping up on the cardinals. it might help them forget what a crappy team they are; might get them back to letting sap flow, as opposed to playing like saps. and if that does prove to be the case, the greater the glory of st. albert. unlike the blocked writer or the choking baseball player, pujols doesn't have to wait for stuff to start flowing again; he just puts his arms around the tree and squeezes it out. he can make it flow. i've only seen one other cardinal player who had a will forceful enough to do that: bob gibson.

that ability is what makes pujols the mvp; that alone has separated the cardinals from their competitors in the national league central this season.

Amen. Enough on that, Astros play at 11:35.

I am still not sure about either this XBOX 360-HD or the Playstation 3. I actually lean a little bit towards the XBOX 360 only because I plan on buying a Zune. It really comes down to two things for me, Blue Ray vs HD and Microsoft vs Sony. IGN has a nice article about the new XBOX system. Any thoughts on this?

I was emailed this web site in this morning, you can watch a ton of full length cartoons on youtube. There are quite a bit listed from Animaniacs to Transformers to X-Men, eat your heart out.

Speaking of Transformers if in Detroit pay attention to this.