Thursday, November 30, 2006

Camron 'No Homo' and Nate Robinson blocks Yao

A very interesting dilemma has been unearthed From 'Overheard in New York'

Ghetto kid #1
: Yo, Cam'ron be doin' some gay shit!

Ghetto kid #2: Nah, but he always calls 'no homo' so it's aight.
Ghetto kid #1: So if Cam'ron asked you to suck his dick 'no homo,' would you?
Ghetto kid #2: Well, if he called 'no homo...'

Let the debate commence...
Sports Illustrated posted the 15 worst uniforms in sports. Lots of hockey teams make the list, which I can't argue with, but I disagree with inclusion of the Bengals and Bills. Glad to see the Wolves made the list, maybe put the pressure on them to bring back the Laettner era jerseys!

Some must-see hoops action from the other week.
5'9" Nate Robinson blocks 7'6" YAO MING!

Australia has passed some tough legislation regarding the legality of having songs ripped from your own CD's on your Ipod. "You can be hit with a $6,600 fine or ticketed by police on the spot to the tune of $1320 simply for possessing infringing material!"